Monday, January 22, 2018

The Last Melon!

WELL this is the End of the line folks. Im actually at a loss for words. I tried to sit down and put together my thoughts last night and i just couldn't. I cannot say the smallest part that I feel. These two years truly have flown by and I dont know where the days have gone. Ive been spending more time thinking lately and I just came into this place yesterday. 

Its been a learning experience my whole mission and i think it will be a true my whole life remembering the simple fact that you'll be more happy if you just follow God and magnify your calling. Its something ive really seen the contrast of here. The days that you don't "thrust in your sickle 'with your might'" so to speak. are the days you come home dissatisfied. When we buckle down and do whats right even when its hard we feel Great.

Another lesson Ive learned is the importance of families. I know im only 20 years old and im still young but teaching to, with, and about eternal families has me so stoked to be with and have my own. NEVER take your family for granted,The saddest thing i ever saw was a broken family. Family prayer, scripture study, and home evening are Indispensable. Ive literally seen a Broken family healed through these simple actions. Whatever Jesus lays his hands on lives.

Repentance is a miracle. I thought I was pretty hot to trot before I came out. In fact those of you that knew me well knew that I felt like I was the king of my world and whatever i did was right. its really actually a less joyful way of life. This experience has taught me over and over that more times than not im actually wrong and have a need to listen. Ive been changed so much and corrected. Its not comfortable, In fact I dont know what the comfort zone really feels like anymore but it feels so AWESOME to think back on all the stupid stuff ive done and be able to be above it and say "thats not me anymore" 

One thing I LOVED about this experience is how much ive learned from my dad. I quote him ALL the time and Sometimes I don't even know it. lately I've been hung up on "God gave you two ears and One mouth so you can listen twice as much as you talk" I know its not originally his but he taught it to me. Learn from you parents and Grandparents they are GOLDMINES for experience. 

I could Go on for days, Ive learned so much from all of this and Ill never forget this place or this people. God Truely does love all of his children the same.

 I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that he is my savior. I know that This is his kingdom on the earth. I know the Book of Mormon is true. Most of all I know that God Hears every prayer. I know All of these things through prayer. I bear my testimony that theres a God above and if we will serve him he will fill us with love. I love all of you. and I leave this final missionary testimony with you, I know its all true, In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

And now I go to labor with my might this final week until I am brought forth triumphant through the air to meet you at the phoenix sky-harbor airport where I will be reunited with my family who will love me both when im quick and when im dead, amen.

Love you all, 

Elder Rhett Wilhelm

The Akon Family

The "Frenchman" and Wife

Friday, December 25, 2009

The best Christmas ever

Did you ever get the feeling that no matter what you did it would never feel like Christmas? All this season I've tried to catch that Christmas feeling. Yet, as I sat at the doorway to Christmas, on the eve before the celebration of our saviors birth, and pondered what I was missing, I could not find a place within that could, nor would give me that peace that I have come to feel so many times past. There have been scant occasions where it may seem that it is Christmas. However, nothing really set the entire mood for me. To be sure, I did feel something of the season after watching the ritual Charley Brown special on TV. The "Hark the herald angels sing" and the jazzy "Peanuts " theme songs seem to lighten spirits. But nothing really helped that Christmas spirit to stick. This year even my voice rang silent from the choir. How sad is it that I don't even sing in the choir for Christmas because I feel not the spirit of Christmas?
Christmas morning rolled in early. And I wish that I was still in my "Gown and Cap" when All five children crowded round our bed. So at 5:30 our children dragged us out and down to the tree. As they get older there is less to put together late at night after all else has retired, and they seem to open the presents far to quickly to enjoy their faces. Later in the day Jonna takes me aside and tells me we need things from Walgreen's, which happens to be the only place open today except for QT. Seems she is in need of a DR. Pepper among other things, and that since we are both giving it up in seven days we need to go now. On the way we were able to stop and see several people in the ward and I was able express my love and appreciation to them and their family. As we drove to Walgreen's I felt a deep sense of love and comfort and felt the saviors deep and abiding love for myself and my family. It was at this time that I finally felt the love of Christmas. All this time I had been waiting for it to come to me. All that was required of me was to share with someone else, something that they may not be feeling either. Later that night as we were getting ready for bed and tucking them in all of our children expressed their love for us and the overwhelming unity that this was the BEST Christmas ever. As Emma called me into her bed she offered this insight; " I want next year to be just like this one!" and then something to the effect that every day should be Christmas. I then told her that it could be everyday as long as we remember Jesus.
So, this was our Christmas. Nothing extravagant. I think between us Jonna and I got Five books, a scrapbook that all the work had been done, a family Yahtzee game, and some clothes. It is one of the best on record. We are all alive. We are all healthy, with exception of a couple of sniffles here and there. We have a house to live in. We live in a nation that for the time, is still free. We know that the lord loves us for we see evidence of his miraculous love everyday.
My new goal for the new year is to learn something new every day...week...month...well every so often and then share what I've learned. The other day while reading from "To Draw Closer to God" by Henry B. Eyring in the opening pages of chapter two, it talks about accepting guidance and that as we sustain those that are called to lead us, we are in essence sustaing a calling to ourselves to listen to those individuals. "Why does every call to lead in fact call others to listen?" (p 10) I bear witness of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The heavens were opened and a young boy interacted with a supreme being we call our heavenly father. May you be lead to feel that feeling you desire most throughout this Christmas season and in turn carry it throughout the year and share it often. In the name of Jesus Christ my Savior Amen.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Macaroni and Cheese, Cottage Cheese and pink balloons!

When I asked Emma what she wanted for her birthday dinner her reply was macaroni and chesse and cottage cheese! "Oh and Mom I want pink balloons". How simple! I tried talking her out of the mac and cheese but as I thought about it this is what she wanted and so this is what she got!! You should have seen her face when I took 5 pink balloons into her classroom. It was priceless!! Happy Birthday Emma! Thanks for reminding me it is the little things that matter the most and you matter alot to me. I love you! MOM

Saturday, August 8, 2009

And then there were none.

7 Aug 2009

Today Emma started school!
We learned on Thursday, that the school made an exception and Emma will be starting kindergarten early. Although she doesn't turn 5 until the 30th of September! She is so excited! she woke up earlier than usual, even though she doesn't start class until 11 am. Jonna did her hair before she went to work at the school, then left with the other kids. All morning, every 10-15 minutes she would say " Is it time to go dad?" and I would reply "not yet!" "OK dad you count and tell me when it's time." When it was time to go, she brought her shoes to me and ask that I put them on her. She doesn't even have Velcro on her shoes anymore, nothing to remind me of what she is giving up. She passes that invisible line in the sand, never to look back and always to remember. She looks into my eyes and tells me "Daddy, I'm scared!" Not timidly, but, more matter of fact than I care to admit. My throat catches, and a tear wells. What a statement of profound trust and honesty. We talked of her teacher, her new school, and the love of her family, parents and father in heaven, and his love for her. She likely will not remember beyond today what has transpired between herself and her father, but then again, this was meant for me, a lesson for my time not hers.
I took her to school and Jonna met us in the nurses office. We three walked to her classroom to meet the teacher before class starts. She gets to see the playground and mingles with the other children her age. The bell rings and she lines up and is in the hall before we know it. And then she is gone. Another moment has past, one that goes unnoticed by her, another growing pain for dad.
I cried in the hall! I've never cried for any of my children starting school. It's the total role reversal. When Jonna was staying at home raising the kids it was she that cried whenever the kids reached a milestone. when I cried in the hall she laughed at me. what a turn of events. Jonna laughing and me crying! My little baby is off and I feel somewhat like a mother bird pushing their young out of the nest. Either "Fly or Fall"...She flew!!!

But that's just the Dads perspective.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kissing The Frog

There are times in a persons life that will try us to the point that we feel we are unable to bear. Those are the times that we find out just how blessed we really are to have such a strong person for a wife and mother. In just over a year since going back to school, and through this summer taking a pathophysiology course, we have learned to cut the fat in just about every area of our lives except around my waist (not gone yet). We are living with less, using less and relying heavily on the lord. Most importantly beyond that we are recognizing our own abilities more and leaning on each other for guidance and support. The Lord really does know what is most important to your family, and when the appropriate time to bring forth the blessings promised. Until then, it's kind of like kissing a frog and hoping he'll turn into a prince. We can only live by faith until the Lord sees fit to bless us with things promised. Until then we close our eyes and go for it, no matter how distasteful the task may be!

By the end of next semester in school I will have 94 credit hours and will continue toward a BS in Nursing unless a slot opens in the community college here, or a Banner Fellowship comes available. Until then I keep my shoulder to the wheel and push along. At any rate, my outlook for the future is always bright. If for only one reason........I'm not the one kissing the Frog!

On July 29, Jonna and I will celebrate our 16Th Anniversary together. How rewarding it is to have someone such as Jonna for my companion and Mother for our children. Her strength and willingness to "go and do", far exceeds the point that other women try to attain and fall short. Yet, every year Jonna kisses that same frog, with the hopes that someday......maybe this year the fog will make the transformation into the prince she deserves. I hope that I will not disappoint her.

I love you Babe!

Your prince of dreams
Your Frog at heart

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is It Summer Yet?

It seems like we will be in school forever! Will it ever end? We are not out of school until June 9th. It is really hard to get up and go to school when everyone around you is already out of school. Brynley and the little girl next door were having a discussion about them already being out of school and how lucky they were. Brynley's response was "Well, we will be smarter than you." Hopefully this week will go by quickly because I need a break!!!! Thinking happy summer thoughts:)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Utah here we come!

Well it is the last Saturday before we hit the road for our road trip!! The kids are so excited to go to Utah! We have alot to get done today and Monday. We will leave on Wednesday morning around 3am!! We are excited to be able to go to conference, see Grandma and Grandpa, check out schools for Daryl and what ever else we can fit in. Packing and getting everything taken care of is the hardest part right? Or will it be the 13hours and 31min(according to map quest) drive not including all the stops in between for potty breaks and just getting out to stretch. Hopefully we will be there sometime on Wednesday evening!
See ya soon Mom!!